Ryder Testimonials

Joan Nathan- Johnny Ryder is a personal trainer dedicated to the client. I strongly recommend him for exercise therapy and fitness training. Superior one-on-one personalized service. Treat yourself to a specialized fitness plan today.

Teresa Bollschweiler-  My Knee gets stronger every time. I am so thankful for the communication and how comfortable I feel to express concern and have someone listen and help me.

Rachelle Miller- Excellent!  Instructor very educated and does consider your areas of discomfort and adjusts works out accordingly.

Sallie Anderson- So far, it's been great! Easy, no. But so worth the effort and the ultimate payoff! My husband Steve and I can’t wait til our next session.

Diane White- Today was my first workout at the Studio. Johnny was encouraging, pushing me just enough, but not to the point where I wanted to give up and never go back. I am actually looking forward to continuing my workouts with Johnny, and watching my progress. When you work out at the Studio, you are the only person -- no waiting for equipment to be free or feeling self-conscious. Also, during your workout you have Johnny's one-on-one attention. It is well worth the cost. No matter your age, if you are looking to get into shape or stay in shape, I highly recommend you try Ryder Fitness- Personal Training Studios. 

Candace Staar- I've been going to Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios since it opened and am quite happy with the excellent personalized training that I get there. I would recommend it highly to anyone wanting to tone up or wanting a little exercise therapy for problem areas. I was comfortable with both the free initial assessment and the cleanliness of the training center.

Tom Verela- Today’s workout was great. Johnny had us try some different exercises. Johnny’s approach to training keeps you interested and looking forward to what’s coming next. You are never in a humdrum cycle as Johnny mixes things up so you aren’t in a rut of same ole same ole... my wife and I highly recommend Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios to anyone who wants to be fit and live longer. Johnny is not just a personal trainer, but has become a good friend, someone we trust.

Pierre Dehombreux- Very professional and sensitive to your needs. Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios makes you comfortable and safe.

Laura Gordon- Excellent instruction!

Danicia Vesta- Great workout today! I feel proud of myself and I did so much better than I expected. Great motivation by Johnny. Feel so comfortable there and no judgement. The best time and money you can spend is on yourself and that's what I'm doing.

Lupita Ibarra- I was very happy with the attentiveness, professionalism, and all the support that Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios gives me.

David Trout- No need to be embarrassed. Just get to work. Great training studio with accountability and extreme professionalism.

Tabatha Richards- Great as always. Always look forward to my sessions!

Bonnie Chiavacci- My husband and I look forward to our training sessions together! Best thing we’ve ever done!

Lynn Cipolla- I have been working out with my sister together there, and today was a lot of using our own body weight exercises. It was tough but we pushed thru and at the end we were glad we did it.

Barbarah Chervenak- Just had my first full body workout today. Prior to Ryder Fitness I was feeling stuck, had low energy and was unmotivated. I found what I needed to get back on track at Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios.

Jessie Simmons- Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios has all the know how, knowledge, equipment, and motivation you need. Johnny is a great trainer, who is highly dedicated to his clients and will really push you to all of your physical training goals. His background knowledge, experience, and certifications have really helped me find the best way to train that suits all of my needs. Thanks Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios!

Jessica Amator- Had my first official training session today I was excited and nervous. Johnny was the best and pushed me through when I thought i could go no more and made me more confident in my strength and ability. I can't wait for this continuing journey!

Christina Ridgley- This is my first time training with a Personal Trainer. I'm already noticing a BIG difference in not only my physique but also my stamina! Johnny pushes me to my limits and beyond, Lol. However, he's always mindful of doing things in a safe and Professional Manner. I'm very happy that Johnny and his team are here and plan on using them inevitably.

Ladonna Brady- I just started working out with Johnny Ryder as my trainer. I was very apprehensive due to having a neck injury. Johnny was very careful and patient with me! He is also VERY VERY knowledgeable!! Im excited to see all the positive results!!!

Kitty Wiemelt- First time at having a personal trainer. My husband joined with me and we are having an excellent time. Johnny at Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios is the greatest. Gerry and I look forward twice a week to working out. I think studios are the only way to go. We're lucky to have it in the White Mountains of Arizona!

Mary Coy- Very experienced trainers. Johnny Ryder is extremely patient and encouraging with beginners. He made me feel good about myself and gave me the incentive to push on! Awesome environment!

Andrea Flannagan-  Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios has been the best! With personal training by quality professionals and a fully-equipped studio, it's easily the best fitness option in the White Mountains and anywhere else I've been. They are true professionals, great people and the one-on-one training helps me get the most out of each workout so that I know I'm getting my money's worth each visit. I've never felt more dedicated and empowered to make fitness a priority in my life. I'd highly recommend them to anyone seeking help in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Sara Middleton- I've been coming to Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios for over 6 months and I love the personalized sessions. The studio is always clean and it's well stocked with all the equipment you need. The trainers are very knowledgeable. 

Maggie Shapley-Bates- Facility is always clean and Trainers are Great and Very Supportive!

Nicole Van Den Bosh- I’m so glad I decided to do the one on one training with Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios. It is a great work out tailored to my body. I would highly recommend them.

Ilene Altman- Johnny Ryder is very professional and experienced. He encourages you to challenge yourself but always careful to do it safely.

Mari Lenton- Best personal training I have ever had. Nice facility and professional trainers!

Heather Sabastiani- If you want to improve your body and your mind, this is the place to go! Johnny Ryder is an amazing personal trainer with more experience and passion for his craft than I could of ever hoped for. He keeps you motivated to keep wanting to push yourself to improve, get stronger and more powerful. I can't say enough about this place and it's trainers. If you want a stronger mind and body, this is THE place to go!!!

Danielle Cass- Best place on the mountain and beyond. Not only do you have every piece of equipment you could ever want, but the trainers at Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios want you to succeed and have great of personalized experience!

Angie Fagian- So happy I decided to go to Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios. Great trainers and workouts specifically fashioned to your own individualized needs.

Norma Chestnut- My trainer watches me on every machine and exercise to make sure that I am doing everything correctly for great results and to avoid any injuries. My trainer at Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios is the absolute BEST!

Nadine Isome- Great place, more than enough equipment and friendly, knowledgeable trainers.

Lani Baker- Johnny Ryder is a great personal trainer. He is very confident in his trainees. The atmosphere is very relaxed and private. No tension and no judgement.

Jason Bailey- I began my training to try and stay fit during COVID-19. The owner made us feel safe and secure by only having one person in the building at a time, wearing a mask, taking our temperatures when we walk in the door and wiping all the machines down that are used after each session. Johnny is an excellent trainer and even though I'm a senior citizen pushes me to the next level even when I think I can't do it. However saying that, he truly watches out for problem areas and makes sure that he doesn't push you to pain. I've felt much better since going there and even have done some exercises at home that I usually wouldn't do. I highly recommend that you check this place and trainer out if you are thinking about toning up.

Patricia Patten- I truly enjoy going. Johnny is very knowledgeable, and keeps every session challenging.

Shannon Purchell- My workout was awesome. Cassie was great, she's the best, love her as my trainer. Feeling amazing!

Cindy Skinner- My daughter needed help training for her Wild Land Fire Fitness Test. She was struggling with the required amount of weight to carry and finishing within the allotted time. She had 6 weeks. In just 6 weeks, her trainer Johnny worked with her twice a week and today, she achieved her goal, passed the test and is now a qualified firefighter! I am over the moon excited that she accomplished this and Ryder Fitness was instrumental in helping her achieve her goal. Thank you Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios!!!

Heidi Robison- I enjoyed meeting trainer Cassie, I can tell she is going to help me help myself this year! She is so encouraging and kind.

Kelly Sorenson- Trainer Cassie is lovely, I can tell she is going to help me change my life for the better!

Michele Hoadley- Cassie is an awesome trainer!

Robin Monson- I am so happy I decided to bite the bullet and sign up. I noticed improvement after a few visits and am now very motivated. It is not only physically invigorating but also mentally. Trainer Cassie is GREAT!

Linda Philbrook- I love going to Ryder Fitness! Johnny is a great trainer, he knows when to take it up a notch, as well as giving you a break when it’s needed! I always feel amazing when I leave there and my body knows I’ve had a productive workout! Thank you Ryder Fitness-Personal Training Studios!!!

Ty- Trainer Cassie is Amazing! It was at first intimidating, but she works with you and encourages you to push yourself and feel the burn. I would gladly go back and highly recommend Cassie and Ryder Fitness-Personal Trainer Studios to anyone ready to make a positive change in their life.

Barbara Barham- I just started at Ryder fitness and I’m working with my trainer Cassie!! I haven’t worked out in awhile and she is so patient. I feel confident that with her guidance and encouragement I will reach my goal! Thank you Cassie!

Debra Wyckoff- Trainer Cassie is fantastic. Five Stars!!!

Shelley Guthmiller- My trainer Johnny is responsive and supportive. His workouts are challenging and I believe he will help me to be able to reach my goals.