Ryder Trainers

Johnny Ryder M.Ed., C.F.T. image

-Master of Education Degree 

-Certified Fitness Trainer 

-Certified Interscholastic Coach, specializing in Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning and Wrestling 

-Specialist in Exercise Therapy

-Certified Health and Physical Education Teacher 

-Certified Martial Arts Conditioner

-Second Degree Black Belt

-Past bodybuilding, physique and martial arts competitor

Elise Ryder M.Ed.image

-Master of Education Degree 

-Studied Sports Medicine and Kinesiology

-Physical Education Teacher 

-Trained in Shuri-Ryu Karate

-Wrestling Coach

-Past martial arts competitor

Robert Pasquali C.P.T.


-Degree in Environmental Studies 

-Certified Personal Trainer

-Certified Functional Fitness Trainer 

-Core Training Specialist

-Biomechanics of Stretching Specialist

-Certified Sports Conditioner, specialising in Sports Nutrition and Weight Management



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